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“The Secrets of God” Diane Bernardin

“Bill Hall Ordination and Word” Michel Bernardin

“Wounds”  Diane Bernardin

“Ministry Offices vs Ministry Gifts” Diane Bernardin

“What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?” Diane Bernardin

“What is Holiness?” Diane Bernardin

“Powerful Testimony and Word” by Various Leaders

“Wage your own War” Michel Bernardin

“What is the Kingdom of God?” Diane Bernardin

“Accepting His Offer” Michel Bernardin

“Your New I.D.” Michel Bernardin

“What is the Fear of the Lord?” Diane Bernardin

“Healing and Deliverance” Milliie Smith

“Powerful Healing Testimonies” Various Speakers

“The Great Exchange” Michel Bernardin

“The Spirit Led Life” Michel Bernardin

“What is Deliverance?” Diane Bernardin

“The Fire of God” Millie Smith

“Can We Hear God?” Diane Bernardin

“Kingdom Living” Michel Bernardin

“The  Anointing” Michel Bernardin


“There’s a Miracle in the Making” Millie Smith

CrossSounds “A FIRE” Prayer Program: “Revival Power in the Blood” Sharon Varchetto 

CrossSounds “A Fire” Prayer Program: “Power of Revival in Prayer” Sharon Varchetto

CrossSounds “A Fire” Prayer Program: “Chaplain Joyce McGuire”