We are Christians;  followers of Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God, the Christ, Messiah, Savior of humanity in all the world. We don’t lay claim to be the only Christians, but as Christians, we believe God. We know believers receive revelation knowledge and understanding from and through the Holy Spirit.  In His Light, He reveals how seriously weakened and fractured (divided) the church, His body, has become.

We are called to be a house undivided, an army, His army. For any army, natural or spiritual, division is extremely dangerous; a weakened army is not feared by its enemy and when it comes to it’s ability to wage war, its compromised.

We know that our enemy satan attacks through  two primary means;  fornication with the world and poor doctrinal foundation (Did God really say?). This enemy, satan, has brought gross confusion and division into the church camp. Via numerous distractions  and ploys, satan and his demons are causing many in our camp to fall away, they are missing-in-action, lulled to sleep (Hebrews 12:1) never to fulfill their purpose within God’s desired plan for them in His Kingdom. 

Church, we’re all in need of a divine revelation  of Heaven and Hell and we are in desperate need of a truly divine revelation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  We certainly don’t need a new ‘flavor of the week’ coffee. THIS IS WAR! 

We need truth, taught and preached without compromise,  resulting in the hearers having divine encounters with the Holy Spirit, with these encounters  changing them from glory-to-glory. His Spirit empowering us, with miracles, signs and wonders following. His  army, moving forth in all that His Kingdom has to offer us as believers, so we can win the lost souls and equip these convert saints for ministry. 

God has persuaded us here at CrossSounds that He will and is using us to do our part in equipping this modern day ‘Joel’s Army’. He birthed  CrossSounds Ministries for this purpose. 

Our ministry vision is to be winning the lost outside the church, and to bring recovery to the wounded within the church, with a focus on restoring His body, to health and wholeness. You and us, joined together, becoming a useful and purposeful army, an army effective through the Word of God. Through prayer and supplication to His Holy Spirit, equipping (teaching a  non-compromised Word) and putting on the whole armor of God.  Advancing ‘Spiritual Principles of His Kingdom’; prayer, study, personal meditation on His Word, faith, the power of His spoken Word and much more are just some of the training areas required in the broad aspect training exercises of this army’s personnel.  Through these, the establishment and advancement of his Kingdom here on earth,  is fomented; equipping the Saints into changing our world to His loving kingdom rule and authority.

We are resolved to be fully engaged with Him in bringing about this, His ‘Great Awakening’. We are reaching into His body; instructing, persuading, encouraging and directing His church, through the power of His Holy Spirit, to bring about this revelation; that you, the church can and need to be more  than what you are right now. God desires to use you to win the lost,  to make the lame to walk and the blind to see and  to set the captives free.

Working with local churches, the ministry is seeing fires of evangelism  and true Holy Ghost revival ignited across this great land. God is causing the church in America to rise up, once again becoming the great moral and Christ centered influence and power for true ‘Hope and Change’. We are the head in this world, not the tail!

With this mandate in our hearts we are about our Father’s business. We have seen Jesus reach hardened men and women respond to a simple ministry of His love and mercy, with exciting results: many salvations, restorations and miracle healings.

Exposing satan (baal), we are winning; restoring backsliders, the homeless, addicts, runaways, any and all the Lord will send in our pathway. This desire to win the lost is laid heavily on our hearts and the ministry is  sparking the fires of revival  in churches and  is equipping to reach even further into the darkness on the mission fields of America, Canada and beyond by conducting  In-Tents (Intense) Crusades.

Online video teaching,  internet radio and internet television broadcasting are coming soon so we can further our reach in discipling brothers and sisters in Christ; training and equipping them to go and make disciples of all men, to fulfill the purpose of God in their lives and advance the cause of establishing His kingdom here on earth.

This ministry’s  focus is reaching the lost, and preaching and teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom; This is the gospel that Jesus said; ‘must be preached to all the earth and then the end  will come’.

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